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Up in Smoke

Out of Stock – Back Soon

Oh, I do like this one. Softly smoked cinnamon bourbon with a toasted oak backdrop, a touch of vanilla and a delicate sweet zing from the bitters. Good body, well rounded and balanced – same goes for the drink.

Sip and savour, friends, sip and savour.


  • Cinnamon-infused bourbon whisky

  • Cinnamon smoke

  • Sugar

  • Orange bitters

100ml, 25% ABV, 2.5 UK units. Please drink responsibly.

Allergy Advice
May contain traces of nuts. Gluten free and suitable for vegans.


Smith's Cinnamon Smoked Old Fashioned cocktail

3 cups


Orange bitters

Cinnamon-infused bourbon whisky


Cinnamon smoke

25% ABV

2.5 UK units

Add a smoking cinnamon stick to get real fancy!

Hand-drawn cocktail illustrations

Perfect Preparation

Chill for a good while. When cold, lightly shake the bottle for 5 seconds to wake the drink then crack that top and pour into a chilled lowball glass over ice-a-plenty. Stir for a minute or two (with a bar spoon, preferably) and, if you have one handy, finish with toasted orange peel. No, even better – a smoking cinnamon stick.

Smith's Cinnamon Smoked Old Fashioned cocktails

More Concoctions

Here are 3 more luscious libations from my initial batch of hand-made bottled cocktails – forged by me, poured by you!

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