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Meet Bertram Black 

The man, the Smith, the legend...


A proper English gentleman, or at least, that’s what they say...


Quick-witted and razor sharp – articulate, devilishly suave, charming and stylish, a well-presented and connected member of society – always on hand to those that call upon him. 


He’s highly skilled, a master of the craft and sought after because of it, working in nature’s raw elements, metals and materials, taking his creative inspiration from the English foliage and creatures around him.


Not at all work-shy, Bertram's methodical and meticulous about what he creates – his work neat and precise. The same, however, can’t be said of his workbooks, which, quite polar to this, are a jumble of chaotic, smudged scribbles and notes. But, it all makes sense to him and he’ll hammer away all night in the roaring heat of the fire until it’s just right.


Never one to be conventional, he often finds himself twisting away from the norm with his works – always was a risk taker, game for a gamble… In fact, his quirky creations are what keep him so easily distinguishable from the others.


And with all that said, and maybe most intriguing, there’s just something different about Bertram. No-one’s ever been able to put their finger on it, but people do wonder... There’s an intensity… an air of mystery… almost other-worldly… 


He prefers his own company, of course. In fact, his favourite time of day is after dark, at the fire, loosened collar, hammer in hand, a smoke in the other, and his trusty apron flung on to mop up at least some of the soot. A drop or two of good liquor helps the process along. It’s there that he’s in his element. Alone. Ready to work.


Smith’s Latest Concoctions

Here they are, the first 4 luscious libations in my initial batch of hand-made bottled cocktails – forged by me, poured by you!

Hand-drawn moths
Hand-drawn butterflies
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